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Jincheng Reagent,Inorganics,Organics,High-purity oxide,Customized product_Jincheng Reagent,Inorganics,Organics,High-purity oxide,Customized product


Kunshan Jincheng Reagent Co., Ltd. used to include Kunshan Jincheng Reagent Plant (established in 1978), Kunshan Jincheng Fine Chemical Factory (established in 1985), two manufacturing enterprises and Kunshan Jincheng Reagent Co., Ltd. (in 1995) that offers management and sales service. In 2005, it was restructured into a private company. In 2013, Kunshan Jincheng Reagent Plant, Kunshan Jincheng Fine Chemical Factory and Kunshan Jincheng Reagent Co., Ltd. established the latest Kunshan Jincheng Reagent Co., Ltd. through merger. In the same year, the company was relocated at Qiandeng Town Chemical Park, Kunshan. 

Our company specializes in the development, production and operation of general reagents, electronic chemicals, and high-purity reagents, and has a special plant (12,000 sq. meters in area) and various production facilities, special construction installation equipment, sophisticated analysis and testing instruments for chemical products, various infrastructures for environment and safe operation and other hardware. Besides, we have a relatively high level of software resource supported by technology and management. Now our company produces and operates such chemicals as analytical reagent, teaching experiment reagent, technical reagent, electronic and photoelectric reagent, high-purity reagent for new materials preparation, and special-level fine chemicals for other fields, etc., which involve several hundreds of varieties and are targeted at manufacturing and research fields both at home and abroad, especially for multinationals. Our production and operation conditions meet the national, local and industrial requirements and have related qualifications required by laws and regulations. Now Jincheng has a total workforce of more than 200, 40% of which are of vocational school degree, junior college degree and above and 20% are professional technicians. All these contribute to an excellent human resource and professional technical resource. 

As one of the first members of China Reagent Association, Jincheng enjoys relatively great influence and good reputation in China’s chemical reagent industry. Carrying forward the concept of self-discipline, social commitment and honest management, Jincheng adheres to winning trust through quality, progress through fine workmanship, as well as innovation, excellence and development through brand. In accordance with related regulations, our company has set up and put into operation management systems in terms of quality assurance, vocational health and safety, environment and safety standardization. Besides, we have put into place the ERP internal resource management system and upgraded the traditional management model, which helped lay a solid foundation for further energy saving, consumption reduction, and harmless emission.

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